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FIP Gasket

What are FIP Gaskets? Form in place or FIP Gaskets are gaskets that are created on the part they are meant to seal.  Instead of sourcing the correct size and shape gasket for each seal, a semi liquid anaerobic sealant is dispensed onto the flange.  Care is taken to dispense around every opening to ensure a complete seal.  Thus the gasket is formed in place.  Gasketma...

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Formed-in-Place Gaskets vs. Conventional Compression Gaskets

Compression gaskets are pre-formed to a specific size, shape, and thickness. Formed-in-place (FIP) gaskets or liquid gaskets are liquids that cure after the parts are assembled. Both have their uses, and one may be more suitable than the other depending on the application. Compression gaskets are made from a variety of materials including cork, rubber, and synthetic bl...

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