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Technical Data Sheets

How to find the SDS, TDS, Shelf life, & Specs

 How to ensure you have the most current Permabond SDS? As yet, there is no agreed, and harmonized classification for substances by Reach and only a few have approved CLP classification; it is up to each supplier to test, evaluate and classify every substance they are putting on the European market in respect to hazard information. Permabond continues to receive up...

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Understanding Adhesive Viscosity and Rheology

  Most adhesive manufacturers list the viscosity of the uncured adhesive on their literature to help engineers determine which product is most suitable for a specific application and can be integrated into their production line most effectively.  Temperature and shear (stirring or agitating) can affect adhesive viscosity and flow behavior, therefore it is importa...

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Reading technical data sheets without getting a headache

If you haven’t been using and studying epoxies, adhesives and glues for years, you’re probably going to find plenty of the terms used on technical data sheets, product descriptions, and even instructions to read like they were written in another language. Below, we’ll provide a simple, layman’s term glossary of some of the more common technical terms used in te...

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