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Automotive Adhesives & Sealants

Automotive adhesives & sealants deliver a lightweight method of joining plastic and composite parts. Indeed, by replacing mechanical fasteners with adhesives, automotive component manufactures can achieve a great deal. This includes a lighter component weight, a cleaner, more streamlined finish, as well as better stress distribution and component performance. They also allow for access to a wider variety of composite materials, thus increasing choice for manufacturers. 

A clear example of where adhesives outshine mechanical fasteners is in the high-performance cars industry. One of the overarching focuses in this industry is keeping the weight of vehicles minimal in order to maximize performance. Manufacturers therefore tend to use lightweight composite materials to achieve this, but welding these materials isn’t possible and the use of mechanical fasteners adds to the vehicle weight, as well as being unsightly and at risk of vibrating loose. Structural adhesives are very much a favorite amongst automotive industry professionals, as they allow different types of material to be joined together easily (such as composite to metal where welding would not be suitable). An added advantage is the rubber toughening present in structural adhesives which helps absorb vibration and impact forces.

With these benefits in mind, the use of automotive adhesives & sealants is now widespread. They can cover something as small as a sensor to something as large as a vehicle chassis. They provide solutions for bonding both internal and external car parts and are thus in high demand across the industry. 

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Permabond has an extensive range of adhesive products suitable for under bonnet applications – such as formed-in-place gaskets, adhesive for core plug sealing, automotive hose bonding, heat exchanger sealing, and filter end cap bonding. Electronic systems within the car also make use of many adhesives – such as potting and sealing electrical components, sensors, switches and relays, bonding electric motors, and a whole host of other applications. Permabond supplies adhesives to the automotive industry worldwide, with many products specified by leading automotive manufacturers and Tier 1 automotive suppliers, who enjoy high-quality cutting-edge products at very competitive prices.

Typical Applications:

Automotive Adhesives

  • Structural bonding of drive shaft and chassis
  • Sealing heat exchanger tubes
  • Bonding interior dashboard and trim
  • Gearbox and sump cover gasketing
  • Potting and sealing of electronics and LEDs
  • Threadlocking and retaining bolts, pins, and bearings
  • Bonding of sensors

Adhesive Key Features

Due to the high-temperature resistance demanded by under bonnet applications, the Permabond range has been developed to include high-temperature resistant products, including anaerobic, epoxies, and cyanoacrylates which can withstand temperatures of up to 250 deg C (480 deg F).

Structural products are available with rubber toughening to produce high strength, durable bonds, which are able to withstand the harsh conditions and vibration experienced on many under-maintained roads!

Permabond’s potting adhesives for electronics are very popular, due to the slight flexibility of these products. Expansion and contraction of electrical components, sensors, or LEDs in the extremes of temperature need not be cause for concern, as the adhesive will flex and continue to maintain a high strength bond or seal without exerting any stress on these sensitive components.

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