Laurie Gibbons
Adhesive Types, Anaerobic Adhesives, Gaskets
May 10, 2021

Necessity is the mother of invention!  In recent times, shortages of the most random items have brought out the creativity in all of us.  Tissues substitute for toilet paper and canned tuna substitutes for cat food. But when those custom cut gaskets are out of stock or stranded in some far-off port what’s an engineer to do?  Several lucky engineers found out—Permabond gasketmaker to the rescue.

For the most part, after the shortage, we returned to our old buying patterns.  But these engineers, like my cat, preferred the substitute.  Here’s why…

Advantages of Gasketmakers

Permabond gasketing anaerobic adhesives replace traditional cork, wood, rubber, paper, and silicone gaskets. Liquid gasketing adhesives give 100% contact between metal parts and allow the engineer to cut down the amount of surface-finish machining, reducing costs and increasing production rates.

  • No relaxation or shrinkage eliminates the need to re-tighten over time
  • One adhesive will replace any pre-cut gasket shape
  • No need to handle fragile gaskets
  • No disintegration means no leaks or blockages
  • Vibration-proof
  • No long-term embrittlement
  • Easy to dismantle with normal tools
  • 100% surface contact for uniform stress distribution
  • Seals rough surfaces; reduces machining needs
  • Non-shimming
  • Excellent oil and water resistance
  • High-temperature resistant grades available
  • Cure at room temperature when confined between metal surfaces

Various Products

Permabonds form in pace gaskets include high strength grades as well as those that are easy to remove from soft metals.

Permabond HH190 is a purple anaerobic curing flange sealant. It is a flowable paste that conforms to the shape of the flange while filling irregular areas. After full cure, it seals up to 5000 psi.

Permabond MH196 is a fast-setting, red form in situ gasketmaker that resists up to 200°C (390°F).

Permabond LH197 is a green form in place gasket that is easy to remove. It is ideal for soft metals or in applications that require removal.

Permabond MH199 is a red, highly thixotropic grade that resists up to 200°C (390°F).

Contact Permabond Technical Support to discuss which gasketmaker is best for your application.




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