Composite Bonding Adhesives

Demand for composites is growing, and so, therefore, is the demand for composite bonding adhesives. As a result, Permabond offers a wide range of different adhesive technologies for bonding composites. Whether you require a rapid cure in seconds or need several hours to assemble parts, Permabond can help you find a bonding solution.

Composite Bonding Adhesive Key Features

Users of Permabond adhesives benefit from features not available from mechanical fasteners, such as:

-Cost savings
-Component weight reduction
-Improved stress distribution
-Improved appearance
-Faster manufacturing process
-Eliminating pre-drilling
-Preventing leaks
-Preventing corrosion
-Wider choice of substrate materials
-Better noise and vibration absorption

Industries using Permabond adhesives for composites:

Following is a list of just a few of the industries that use our products.

Aerospace – cabin interior
Automotive – lightweight carbon fiber sports cars and aftermarket parts
Sports equipment
-Medical prosthetics
-Tanks and vats
Wind Energy
Vehicle conversions, caravans, and campervans
-Architectural, building facades, signage, and interior design

Click the links below for bonding information related to specific composites:

Common Adhesives Used


Permabond one-component heat cure epoxies, two-component room temperature cure epoxies, and flexible modified epoxies are popular for bonding composites. The following are a few examples:

  • Permabond one-component ES569 is a thick epoxy paste, ideal for bonding carbon fiber where vertical application or gap filling is required.
  • Permabond room temperature 2k epoxy ET5428 is a toughened epoxy with rapid strength development. Achieves handling time in under 45 minutes.
  • Permabond MT3821 is a highly flexible modified epoxy adhesive with a Shore A hardness of 50.

Structural Acrylics

Both two-component and surface-activated structural acrylics are commonly used. For instance, consider TA4246, a surface-activated structural acrylic with very fast strength development. Activate one surface with Initiator 46 and then apply the adhesive to the other surface. Then you will achieve handling strength in under 5 minutes.


Two-component polyurethanes are a great choice for bonding carbon fiber interior trim.

For more information, download the product brochure. The brochure also includes a selection chart, however, for personal assistance in selecting the best product for your application, contact Permabond.


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