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Laurie Gibbons
Adhesive Types, Anaerobic Adhesives, Gaskets
September 7, 2015

What are FIP Gaskets?

Form in place or FIP Gaskets are gaskets that are created on the part they are meant to seal.  Instead of sourcing the correct size and shape gasket for each seal, a semi liquid anaerobic sealant is dispensed onto the flange.  Take care to dispense around every opening to ensure a complete seal.

Gasketmakers are anaerobic adhesives that cure only in contact with metal and in the absence of air.  In other words, once the two pieces of metal squish the sealant to the proper thickness and squish the air out, the cure begins.  Excess is easily wiped away.  They replace traditional cork, wood, rubber, paper, and silicone gaskets.

Why bother?

There is an infinite number of shapes and sizes one bottle of FIP gasket can create, which eliminates the need to stock or source pre-cut gaskets. Other benefits include:

  • No long-term embrittlement
  • Easy to dismantle with normal tools
  • Seals rough surfaces; reduce machining needs
  • Non-shimming
  • 100% surface contact for uniform stress distribution
  • No relaxation or shrinkage eliminates need to retighten over time
  • One adhesive will replace many pre-cut gasket shapes
  • No need to handle fragile gaskets
  • No disintegration means no leaks or blockages
  • Vibration proof


Which fip gasket is best for my application?

FIP Gaskets are available in high and low strength.  For ease of removal from soft metals such as aluminium and brass choose low strength. Although high strength grades are removed using normal tools, low strength may be desired in applications where the fip gasket is frequently removed.  High strength and high temperature resistant grades are also available.  The thixotropic nature of many fip gaskets makes them easy to dispense but prevents flowing into undesired areas.

For help selecting the right gasketing material, please contact Permabond, we would be happy to assist.

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