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Permabond Exhibiting at The Battery Show

Come to The Battery Show in Novi, MI, from September 13th through the 15th. Visit Permabond in booth number 1820 to see our patent pending thermally conductive, lightweight expanding battery fillers and our full line of adhesives and sealants for EV battery assembly. If you can’t meet us, download the flyer.

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Permabond Raced to the Finish of the Triton Racing Team Car

Triton Racing - UC San Diego FSAE reached out to Permabond in urgent need of carbon fiber bonding adhesive Permabond ET5429. The race team was fast approaching the car's reveal and was desperate for an adhesive supplier with stock of a carbon fiber bonding adhesive. Due to pandemic-related shortages, they had been waiting for adhesive from another manufacturer for months...

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Permabond UV649 – Corner / Edge Bonding and Strain Relief

A PCB manufacturer was experiencing some inconsistency in manufacturing, specifically with corner and edge bonding, due to variability of the underfill process. In addition to increasing the reliability of the process, they also wanted a solution that could be reworked. They came to Permabond with the following top ten product/process wish list. Easy to dispenseNo flo...

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Choosing an Anaerobic Thread Sealant

There are three basic types of thread sealants for metal pipe; pipe dope, PTFE (ex. Teflon®) tape, and anaerobic sealants. Anaerobic sealants are often chosen due to the limitations of dope and tape. Pipe dope is inexpensive and easy to use; however, it is solvent-based, which means it shrinks, hardens, and can crack over time. Vibration in the pipes can hasten the leak...

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Permabond Thermally Conductive EV Battery Adhesive Filler in the News

Permabond's patent-pending technology for thermally conductive, expandable battery adhesive filler is getting some attention in the technology magazines on both sides of the pond. Recently ASI (Adhesives and Sealants Industry) and E-Motec (E-Mobility Technology International) have published articles on Permabond's patent-pending technology. There aren't often headline...

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Food Grade Epoxies for Filter Bonding Applications

Permabond’s food grade epoxy adhesives are proving extremely popular in the filter industry. Permabond has seen a big increase in the number of customers trialling and approving its FDA-food compliant adhesive, ET5147 and its EU 10/2011 formulated ET5162 epoxy. Many customers are asking Permabond for help as they urgently seek food grade epoxy to keep their production ...

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Cationic Epoxy/UV Adhesives Cure with UV Light or Heat or Both!

Permabond Europe's new cationic epoxy/uv adhesives cure with UV light or heat or both! Permabond UV7220 (black) and Permabond UV7221 (clear) are epoxy resins that cure when exposed to 365nm UV light, and they can also cure with heat like standard epoxy resins, or by using a combination of the two: UV + heat. Unlike UV adhesives based on acrylic chemistry, these cation...

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