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Hydrogen-Ready Sealant – Permabond F201HV

Permabond is delighted to announce that its F201HV toughened anaerobic sealant is officially Hydrogen ready. This high strength, high performance toughened anaerobic adhesive has been approved for use by official gas testing organisation, KIWA, and meets the requirements of Inorm KE214.  This is a breakthrough for the gas industry which is now looking to mix hydr...

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Nylon Bonding Nightmares solved!

Permabond launches its new patent pending TA4660 adhesive, designed for bonding nylon. Nylon is a popular engineering plastic with widespread use throughout the automotive, electronic and general assembly industries in a broad range of applications. It is a very versatile, high-strength, lightweight and low-cost plastic but it is also very challenging to bond. Permabo...

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High-Performance Adhesives Now in Practical Dual-Syringe Packaging

Permabond is delighted to announce the launch of its new, handy range of dual syringes.  A variety of high-performance engineering adhesives are now available in this simple-to-use, no-fuss packaging.  There is no need to use a dispensing gun or to measure and manually mix adhesive material. Just affix the nozzle, press the plunger and away you go. NB: Syringe p...

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Permabond Exhibiting at Advanced Engineering, NEC, Birmingham, UK, 2nd-3rd Nov 2022

Visit Permabond at Advanced Engineering at the NEC. We'll be right by the entrance of hall 3A in the composites area. Come and let us help you solve your unique bonding challenges! Click the link below to register.

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Join Permabond at The Assembly Show

Visit Permabond at The Assembly Show in booth #1448 on October 26th until 5 pm or October 27th from 9 am to 2 pm. We look forward to seeing you!

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Join Permabond at AFSA 41

Visit Permabond at AFSA 41 at the Bellagio Las Vegas, NV, on October 18th and 19th in booth 323. Here is a link to an invitation to attend the exhibit hall on Wednesday, October 19th, for FREE. Download the latest Permabond literature. Permabond Fire Protection FlyerDownload For more information, email or call 800-714-0170. We look...

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Permabond Exhibiting at The Battery Show

Come to The Battery Show in Novi, MI, from September 13th through the 15th. Visit Permabond in booth number 1820 to see our patent pending thermally conductive, lightweight expanding battery fillers and our full line of adhesives and sealants for EV battery assembly. If you can’t meet us, download the flyer.

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Permabond Raced to the Finish of the Triton Racing Team Car

Triton Racing - UC San Diego FSAE reached out to Permabond in urgent need of carbon fiber bonding adhesive Permabond ET5429. The race team was fast approaching the car's reveal and was desperate for an adhesive supplier with stock of a carbon fiber bonding adhesive. Due to pandemic-related shortages, they had been waiting for adhesive from another manufacturer for months...

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Permabond UV649 – Corner / Edge Bonding and Strain Relief

A PCB manufacturer was experiencing some inconsistency in manufacturing, specifically with corner and edge bonding, due to variability of the underfill process. In addition to increasing the reliability of the process, they also wanted a solution that could be reworked. They came to Permabond with the following top ten product/process wish list. Easy to dispenseNo flo...

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Choosing an Anaerobic Thread Sealant

There are three basic types of thread sealants for metal pipe; pipe dope, PTFE (ex. Teflon®) tape, and anaerobic sealants. Anaerobic sealants are often chosen due to the limitations of dope and tape. Pipe dope is inexpensive and easy to use; however, it is solvent-based, which means it shrinks, hardens, and can crack over time. Vibration in the pipes can hasten the leak...

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