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Demand for Adhesives and Sealants Driven by Developing Markets

A recent report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc. has forecasted that growth for adhesives and sealants will be driven by developing markets in the coming years. Countries such as China, Vietnam, South Korea, Taiwan, and India represent key areas for demand growth in the future. Developed markets such as Japan, Europe, and the US remain major markets, with Europe curre...

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New Food Grade Epoxies Hit Market

New epoxy adhesives are expanding the possibilities for bonding and joining components in the demanding food processing industry sector. Food processing equipment is complex precision machinery, requiring extremely reliable bonds and excellent seals. In this area, it is always a question of hygiene and safety, as well as engineering. The new epoxies are filling a real nee...

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Structural Acrylic Adhesives are easy to source from Permabond!

Permabond Engineering Adhesives offers a wide range of structural acrylic adhesives including the popular aerospace-approved TA4246 resin & brush on initiator, which cures to a high strength rapidly and offers excellent shear strength, peel strength and impact resistance. Structural acrylic adhesives can be used for bonding many different substrate materials such ...

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New UV Curable Adhesives from Permabond

Permabond Engineering Adhesives is pleased to announce the launch of two new additional UV-curable adhesives to complement the existing UV product range. The new UV-light cured adhesives have been developed to offer maximum optical clarity - even in high stress situations (some adhesives can turn white under high stress when in a structural bond) and enhanced resistance t...

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New Permabond Epoxy Adhesives for Food Processing Equipment

Permabond is pleased to expand its epoxy adhesive line with a new range of two component epoxies formulated with FDA approved ingredients. These toughened epoxies are manufactured in compliance with the FDA CFR 175.105 and 175.300.  The excellent shock and impact resistance coupled with environmental and temperature resistance make these epoxies ideal for food processin...

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New Adhesives Improve Displays and Touch Panels

The search for a better adhesive in LCD displays and touch panels has led to the development of a whole new chemistry, involving dual curing by light and humidity. The new adhesives have been developed to help overcome problems associated with traditional adhesives used in displays and touch panels. They reduce the problem of poor readability in bright surroundings, such ...

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