Adhesives for Sports and Leisure Equipment

Adhesives for Sports and Leisure Equipment

Adhesives are used throughout the entire sporting goods industry. In fact, you’d likely struggle to find sports equipment today where manufacturers don’t use adhesives at some point in their production process! Generally speaking, equipment for professional athletes comes with the latest technology as standard. However for the weekend warriors among us, materials and adhesive technologies are advancing so quickly that the shiniest piece of kit you bought just a couple of years ago is now probably out of date. For us here at Permabond, this requires continuous development in order to keep up with the latest industry needs. 

As a result of this trend, the substrates customers are now asking us to bond in sports equipment are the same materials that we’re asked to bond in aerospace and automotive market applications – such is the level of technological advancement in this field! This leads us to think of the Olympic motto, Citius, Altius, Fortius (faster, higher, stronger). This aptly applies to the development of adhesives for sports and leisure equipment today, as adhesives allow sports equipment manufacturers to produce FASTER, with HIGHER profits, and a STRONGER product!

Let’s take a look at some of the typical applications of adhesives in the sports equipment industry!

Typical Applications:

Sports and Leisure

  • Bonding handles, tips baskets, and flip locks on hiking sticks, trekking poles, walking sticks, ski poles
  • Bonding rubber swim fin components
  • Bonding golf club heads to shafts, bonding the steel ferrule to the junction of the shaft and head, dome coating logos
  • Bonding composite bike frames
  • Bonding helmet linings
  • Threadlocking gun scopes
  • Sealing ammunition

And many more!

Key Features

Adhesive applications in sports and leisure equipment are so diverse that virtually the entire line of Permabond adhesives and sealants have a role to play. In many applications bonding and sealing with adhesives to replace fasteners allows for weight reduction and increased strength. Other key reasons to select adhesive bonding over mechanical fasteners include: reduced costs, increased stress distribution, an improved manufacturing process, increased vibration resistance, corrosion prevention, and the ability to design with a wider choice of substrate materials. Adhesives are therefore the logical choice for anyone looking to manufacture sports equipment, and will continue to be in future.

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