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Marine Adhesive

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Marine Adhesive

Permabond offers a range of marine adhesive products suitable for use in shipbuilding, repair, and maintenance.

Typical Applications:

marine adhesive

  • Bonding Gears to Shafts
  • Repairing and Replacing Spun Bearings
  • Bonding Bushings
  • Sealing and Gasketing Gear Box Housing
  • Construction and Repair of Hulls, Masts, Decks, and Superstructures.
  • Bonding and Reinforcing Metals, Composites and Other Substrates

For more information including a selection chart, download the product brochure. For personal assistance in selecting the best product for your application contact Permabond.

For smaller marine vessels such as kayaks and canoes, Permabond has products for bonding items to vessels as well as to paddles etc…  See Permabond TA4610.

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