High-Performance Adhesives Now in Practical Dual-Syringe Packaging

Rebecca Wilmot
November 17, 2022

Permabond is delighted to announce the launch of its new, handy range of dual syringe packaged adhesive.  A variety of high-performance engineering adhesives are now available in this simple-to-use, no-fuss packaging.  There is no need to use a dispensing gun or to measure and manually mix adhesive material. Just affix the nozzle, press the plunger and away you go.

NB: Syringe product range is only available to European and Asia-Pacific region customers.



Dual Syringe Packaged Adhesive Range Summary:

Permabond ET5003

A brand-new metal-repair compound with a rapid cure at room temperature. This material has a metallic appearance and cures to form a robust solid which can be sanded or painted.  It is ideal for fixing or rebuilding damaged metal parts such as keyways, splines, gears, worn bearings or for the structural bonding of metal components. It is high-strength, has great environmental resistance and is so easy and quick to use.

Permabond ET500

A favourite staple in the engineers’ toolbox, 3-5 min gel, clear epoxy adhesive. Ideal for general purpose applications, bonding a wide variety of materials including metals, plastics, composites, wood, ceramics and many more substrates.

Permabond TA4204

This has an ultra-rapid cure and will fixture in less than a couple of minutes. It can be used with or without a mixing nozzle* and gives an ultra-clear, aesthetically pleasing finish. This makes it ideal for clear plastics such as acrylic and polycarbonate (or tradename materials such as Plexiglas, Perspex etc). It also forms a high strength structural bond with metal and composite material – it’s not all about the good looks, this adhesive has muscle as well!

*Bead on bead – suitable where components parts are in close contact i.e. no gap.

Permabond TA4207

This product is the “lazy” engineer’s dream. There is no need to rummage around to find a dispensing gun and you can also reduce time and effort with surface preparation. This product will tolerate oily surfaces and is able to “eat” through oxide layers and form a high-performance structural bond with the parent metal underneath. This breakthrough in adhesive technology helps save time on production lines and reduces the need for solvent cleaners in the workplace.  TA4207 can also be used to bond almost all surfaces apart from low surface energy plastics.

Permabond TA4611

Permabond TA4611 is for low surface energy plastics and will bond virtually anything. This product is ideal for applications where you don’t know the type of plastic you’re bonding or indeed any type of material. This product offers huge benefits to customers, as previously non-stick plastics can now be bonded quickly and easily, without the need to carry out any flame, corona or plasma treatment which can be quite costly, and with no need to use any etching solution – a big benefit for CoSHH.

Permabond TA4631

If you don’t like the smell of TA4611 then look no further than TA4631. Its no-odour formulation makes it ideal for workplaces where ventilation is difficult. And also, where there is concern over residual odour on a bonded assembly – for example automotive interior applications.

For further information, details of stockists or pricing, please contact our Permabond team at help.europe@permabond.com .

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