Filter Bonding Adhesives

Filter Adhesives

Permabond’s line of adhesives and sealants offers the performance characteristics needed to bond all the different substrates used in manufacturing various filters. Filter adhesives for bonding and potting, as well as crimp sealing are available.

Typical Applications:

Filter Adhesives

  • Rolled Seam Sealing
  • Bonding Gaskets
  • Bonding End Plates
  • Mesh Panel Bonding
  • End Cap Potting
  • Bonding Filter Media to End Caps




Our adhesives find uses in a variety of filter applications. Let’s take the rolled seam on a filter base plate, for example. Rolled seams in oil filters, fuel filters, and air filters are formed by cold rolling the edges of two metal flanges like the lid of a tin can. These seams need to be sealed, and anaerobic sealants and rubber-based solvent sealants are very effective at doing this. On one hand, rubber-based solvents tend to be cheaper than anaerobic sealants. Anaerobics are, however, far less toxic and risky in comparison, are non-flammable and better suited towards automation.

Another example is sealing disc-shaped filters. Process industry filters made of a metal housing and metal mesh media can either be welded or sealed. Many professionals choose either an anaerobic or an epoxy adhesive here, depending on end use requirements. Disc-shaped filters in plastic housings likewise have similar considerations, with UV curing adhesives often a good choice for these. For more information on these applications, read our more in-depth post here.

Adhesive Key Features

Whether you require an anaerobic sealant for a rolled seam in a spin-on fluid filter or a food-grade epoxy for a mesh food fluid filter, Permabond has trusted solutions. We offer a number of adhesive technology solutions for potting filter end caps for fluid filtration systems and for air filters. Specialty epoxies are available for food contact applications. We also offer first-class technical support and the ability to custom formulate. For more information including a selection chart, download the product brochure. For personal assistance in selecting the best product for your application contact Permabond.

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