Filter Seam Sealing of Spin on Fluid Filters

Filter Seam Sealing

The following reviews some of the filter seam sealing adhesive properties desired for rolled seams found in spin on fluid filters.

  • 100% leak free seal
  • Gap Filling
  • Seamless Process (I couldn’t resist!)
  • In Line QC Check
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Environmental Resistance

Spin on fluid filters (like automotive oil filters) have a rolled seam on the end where the can attaches to the nut plate.  The rolled seam is metal so to ensure 100% seal for a leak-free filter, anaerobic adhesive sealant is dispensed usually via an automated dispense system which is in line with the can roll process.  This system is preferred as the anaerobic adhesive sealant begins to cure when it is compressed between metal which excludes the oxygen.  There is no additional line time required for dispensing or curing.  Products with high gap fill capability allow for imperfections in the rolled seam.  To ensure enough anaerobic adhesive sealant is dispensed for complete coverage, a sealant with fluorescing ability can be used and the process can be viewed through automated fluorescent detection equipment.

Many spin on fluid filters are found in automotive applications so the ‘under the hood’ performance requirements, which include resisting a wide temperature range, various automotive fluids, as well as water and salt water spray.

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