Modified Epoxy Adhesives – Provide Solutions to Potting Dilemmas

Rebecca Wilmot
Adhesive Types, MS Polymer and Modified Epoxy
January 28, 2014

The term modified epoxy refers to epoxy adhesives that have been altered to incorporate other properties.

Permabond Modified Epoxy Adhesives provide increased flexibility, low shrinkage, high peel strength, and excellent resistance to harsh environmental conditions. Combining the properties of conventional epoxies with these added features creates the ideal solution for many potting application dilemmas.

Epoxies are well known for their strength and durability. But in specific potting applications, the rigidity of the epoxy can impart too much stress onto delicate electrical components.

Polyurethane potting compounds can shrink. Which, in addition to low adhesion strength to the housing material, easily pull away, leaving a leak path between the housing and the cured polyurethane.

To eliminate these situations, consider modified epoxies. They shrink less and are flexible. Therefore, they absorb stresses from thermal expansion and contraction. These added features allow potting larger areas and withstanding more extreme conditions. As a result, modified epoxies pot sensitive electronics or delicate PCBs to protect against weathering, stress, thermal shock, and vibration.

Permabond modified epoxies are two component, flowable, room temperature cure materials. They dispense from dual cartridges with static mix nozzles. Or for high speed production lines with automated dispensing equipment.

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