Hydrogen-Ready Sealant – Permabond F201HV

Rebecca Wilmot
Adhesive Types, Anaerobic Adhesives
November 29, 2022

Permabond F201HV toughened anaerobic sealant is officially Hydrogen ready.

Features and Benefits of Permabond F201HV Toughened Anaerobic Adhesive

This high strength, high performance toughened anaerobic adhesive has been approved for use by an official gas testing organization, KIWA. It meets the requirements of Inorm KE214.  This is a breakthrough for the gas industry. Because they are now looking to mix hydrogen into natural gas. The mixture is for domestic supplies to counteract gas shortages and reduce costs.  Hydrogen molecules are much smaller than natural gas, and much more searching, as well as more explosive. As such, it is vital any pipe joints or gas connections are properly sealed to prevent leaks with approved sealant material.

Application on Threaded Metal Pipe Joints and Slot-Fit Parts

Apply Permabond F201HV to threaded metal pipe joints which screw together or use on concentric, metal, slot-fit parts. Because of its core-shell toughening, unlike conventional anaerobic thread sealants, it is not brittle. It will flex to expand and contract with the joint. This allows the sealing of dissimilar metals, such as brass to copper. As the adhesive sealant will absorb differential thermal expansion and contraction stress. Furthermore, its high strength and permanent sealing ability help prevent tampering, accidental damage, and joints loosening, which could result in hydrogen leakage.

Industries and appliance manufacturers looking to make hydrogen-ready boilers, cookers, heating systems, pipework, gas meters, and burners could find the Permabond F201HV to be extremely beneficial. And give them the confidence their sealant material meets hydrogen gas standards.

For further information, to discuss your application, or to test a Permabond F201HV hydrogen-ready sealant sample, please contact your friendly Permabond technical team at help.europe@permabond.com.

Image of Permabond F201HV adhesive with threaded pipework fittings and a hydrogen gas regulator. Text overlay of "Hydrogen Gas Ready"

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