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Flexible Glue | Flexible Adhesive

Permabond has flexible adhesives in a variety of chemistries.  Following is a review of the good the bad and the ugly about each.

Flexible Glue #1 MS Polymer

MS Polymers are a hybrid technology with Shore Hardness as low as A40 and elongation as high as 350%.  They are available in non-sag, self-leveling, and non-sag clear grades.  They are paintable, non-corrosive, have a fast tack free time, and bond a variety of substrates with no primer needed.   They are extremely weather resistant and do not crack or split.  They are high viscosity and although the skin over in under 20 minutes, full cure of 3-5 mm takes 24 hours.

Flexible Glue #2 Modified Epoxy adhesives also known as Flexible Epoxy adhesives are available with Shore Hardness as low as A55 and elongation as high as 200%.  They are also paintable, non-corrosive, weather resistant, and bond a variety of substrates with no primer needed.  On paper they appear to take longer to cure (about 72 hours), however, handling strength is achieved in between 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the product.  So effectively, the manufacturing process with modified epoxy adhesives can be faster than with MS Polymers.

See MS Polymers and Modified Epoxy Product Selection

Flexible Glue #3 Select UV/Visible Curable adhesives.  Some UV Curable adhesives are very soft and flexible – others can be quite rigid.  They are generally not used for intense weather environments but cure in a few seconds as opposed to a few days!  They bond a variety of substrates with no primer needed, providing one of the substrates transmits light.

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