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Laurie Gibbons
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December 12, 2014

MS Polymers & Modified Epoxies are Flexible Adhesives that are:

  • Paintable
  • Non-corrosive
  • Fast – Quick Tack Free Time
  • Suitable for a Variety of Substrates
  • Primer Free
  • Weather Resistant – No Cracking or Splitting
  • Easy to Apply
  • Versatile – Use in Most Weather Conditions

Curing Flexible Adhesives

Single Component MS Polymers

MS Polymers are flexible adhesives that cure with moisture.  They are ideal for applications that require a high degree of resilience and excellent environmental resistance.

The high green strength (strength of the uncured adhesive) along with relatively quick skin over time (the time required for the surface to be dry to the touch) allow full curing to continue unattended.  The full cure is dependent on relative humidity, temperature, and depth of cure needed.  Cure time for many moisture cure adhesives is best stated in depth of cure over time.  For example, products may cure 4mm deep in 24 hours.  MS polymers cure to a maximum depth of 10-15mm.

Two Main Types of MS Polymer Applications

Bonding MS Polymer Applications: Require the flexible adhesive to be spread or squeezed into a thin bead or film include bonding trailer truck panels or office furniture panels.  They are ideal as they have very low adhesive shrinkage so that there is no “read through” or visible deformity of the substrates.

Potting MS Polymer Applications: Range from outdoor potting and sealing of construction materials to small delicate electronic materials.  The low shrink, flexible adhesive does not damage delicate components upon cure.

Two Component Modified Epoxies

Permabond Modified Epoxies have similar properties to MS Polymers but are two component systems. These materials are still very flexible adhesives, but they cure to a slightly harder material, with higher shear strength and develop strength more rapidly than MS Polymers.  Two component Modified Epoxies will cure within 72 hours regardless of the depth of the cure area.

Permabond modified epoxies are conveniently packed in dual cartridges and easily dispensed through a static mix nozzle. Thus eliminating manual weighing/measuring and mixing.


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