Bonding carbon fibre automotive bonnet (hood)

Rebecca Wilmot
Bonding Composites, Material Specific Adhesives
March 14, 2016

Carbon fiber bonding is growing as engineers find more uses for it. Carbon fibre (or carbon fiber if you’re in the US) composite is made up of interwoven carbon filaments combined with a resin. It has an extremely high strength-to-weight ratio combined with good heat and chemical resistance. It is a popular material in aerospace, motorsport, defense/military, and sports equipment manufacture.

Carbon fibre car parts are highly desirable due to their lightweight and high-performance structure.  Improve vehicle performance and fuel economy by incorporating lightweight components into the assembly and replacing heavier, less economical metal parts. The material also looks good! There is even a huge market for pretend carbon fibre vehicle wraps to make it look like your car has carbon fibre parts. (Although it should be noted vinyl wrapped vehicle performance is not improved!).

In this video, Permabond ET500 and Permabond PT326 bond pre-formed bonnet shell components together and big head fasteners inside the bonnet.

Make a Carbon Fiber Car Bonnet

About ET500

Is a fast-curing two-part epoxy that cures at room temperature. ET500 is a twopart fastsetting epoxy adhesive that bonds to a wide variety of substrates such as wood, metal, ceramics, carbon fiber and some plastics. It cures rapidly at room temperature to provide handling strength in approximately 5 minutes.

About PT326

Is a high-performance polyurethane adhesive that is the same color as carbon fibre. This gives a perfect aesthetic finish, as well as high strength and impact resistance. PT326 is a composite bonding adhesive that offers high peel strength and will not crack off.

These products come in dual cartridges with static mix nozzles to ensure accurate mixing and easy application. These are just two examples of carbon fiber bonding adhesives.

For an adhesive recommendation for your carbon fiber bonding application, please contact Permabond for assistance.

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