Bio Based Adhesive

Rebecca Wilmot
March 27, 2023

Why bio based adhesives? Because, many goods manufacturers are now looking to use responsibly sourced raw materials in their products, including sustainable and bio based raw materials.  For instance, the plastics industry is a great example of an area currently undergoing transformation, replacing hydrocarbon by-products of the oil industry with bio based raw materials. As a result, it helps to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, and the environmental impact their extraction and use have on the planet.

What are Bio Based materials?

These materials are made from once-living organisms. Examples include:

  • PLA plastic made from algae
  • Fabric made from bamboo fibers or cellulose made from fruit peel
  • Polymeric materials made from coconut shells
  • Wheat/potato or corn based plastics

As well as being able to be farmed sustainably, these materials are also bio-degradable, so they can be composted and do not add to the long term plastic waste problem that future generations will have to deal with.

Since many bio based materials are suitable for making plastics, and some can even be incorporated into adhesive formulations; Permabond has been exploring the use of bio-based materials in adhesive formulations and has successfully developed a thread sealing adhesive that contains over 50% bio-based material. In fact, the product has shown performance similar to regular thread sealing grades, providing 100% seal on threaded metal pipe joints and excellent thermal and environmental resistance.

Permabond Bio Based adhesive thread sealant test results:

Zinc coated

Black Iron

Stainless Steel

Fixture time

20 min

5 min

20 min

Initial torque

20 N•m (180 in•lb)

14 N•m (124 in•lb)

6 N•m (53 in•lb)


13 N•m (115 in•lb)

10 N•m (89 in•lb)

10 N•m (89 in•lb)

Overall, these properties align with the performance of a regular anaerobic thread sealant adhesive. In addition, the shelf life of the bio based adhesive product is also comparable with conventional thread sealants.

The Permabond bio based adhesive thread sealant is formulated in accordance with ISO16620:2015, which specifies the general principle and calculation for determining the % content of bio based material in the formulation. The calculations are from the amount of carbon mass of each constituent in plastic products. ISO16620:2015 relates to plastic products and plastic materials, polymer resins, monomers, or additives, which are made from bio based raw materials.

Key Features & Benefits of Permabond Bio based adhesive thread sealant:

  • >50% bio based content – ideal for improving sustainability in product design
  • Thread sealant for sealing metal threaded pipe joints – seals against liquids and gases
  • Can also be used for threadlocking coarsely threaded nuts and bolts
  • Excellent environmental resistance
  • Shelf life and storage = same as standard anaerobic
  • Reactivity = similar performance to standard thread sealant
  • Strength = in line with normal thread sealant performance
  • Application process = same as normal anaerobic thread sealant

This is obviously a great step in the right direction to help improve sustainability and, ultimately, a better future for the environment and the next generation. To discuss your application further and see how Permabond can help you achieve your sustainability targets, please feel free to contact our technical team.

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