Best Glass Adhesives 2023: Top 5 Comprehensive Review

Laurie Gibbons
Bonding Glass, Material Specific Adhesives
September 26, 2023

The demand for robust and reliable glass adhesives has never been greater in industrial applications. This comprehensive review delves into the top 5 industrial Permabond glass adhesives. As of 2023, Permabond continues to stand out as a leader in providing high-quality adhesive solutions for various industries; however, the best adhesive for any application can only be determined after a review of the requirements. If you’re unsure which glass adhesive would best suit your application, please get in touch with us.

You may notice that all of the adhesives we discuss below are UV-curable adhesives, and with good reason. UV-curables are some of the best adhesives for glass bonding, because they bond very well to glass, have a transparent finish, and a very rapid cure time. Let’s take a look at the best glass bonding adhesives in our range:

Best Glass Adhesives – 2023

Permabond UV610:

Permabond UV610 adhesive has gained immense popularity for its exceptional UV-curing properties. Designed for bonding glass to glass and glass to metal, this adhesive offers rapid curing under UV light, ensuring swift assembly processes. In addition, its high strength makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, including glass furniture, where it is possible to create high-strength edge joints.

Permabond UV625:

Permabond UV625 is a single-part, fast-curing, UV-curable adhesive primarily designed for bonding and sealing glass and metal. The cured adhesive is tough, flexible, and has excellent impact resistance. The gel-like viscosity and good depth of cure make it ideal for use on vertical surfaces. It is also ideal where large gaps are involved.

Permabond UV6160:

The Permabond UV6160 adhesive caters to industries requiring high strength and quick curing times. Its UV-cure capability accelerates production processes, while its outstanding bond strength ensures durability. Not only is it strong, but also this adhesive is well-suited for applications where transparency is crucial, maintaining optical clarity even after curing.

Permabond UV7141:

Permabond UV7141 is a UV-curable adhesive with a secondary anaerobic cure mechanism. This makes it ideal for bonding materials such as ceramic-coated glass, mirrors, etc., where UV light cannot penetrate to provide full cure in shadow areas. This dual cure mechanism helps speed up production rates. The UV cure tacks the components in place in seconds, reducing the need for jigging. Then the anaerobic mechanism activated by metal cures the remainder of the adhesive more slowly to produce optimum performance. If metal isn’t present, apply Permabond A905 or ASC-10 to one component.

Permabond UV6231:

Permabond UV6231 is a fast-curing, UV-curable adhesive. Its excellent optical clarity and resistance to yellowing make it ideal for bonding glass and crystal for a high-quality finish. It has excellent resistance to moisture and humidity, making it ideal for applications like bathroom scales, shower doors, etc.

What is the best glass adhesive for your application?

In conclusion, when it comes to industrial glass bonding solutions, our range of glass adhesives continues to make a significant impact in 2023. The top 5 industrial Permabond glass adhesives showcase our commitment to innovation and quality. These adhesives offer solutions for various industrial challenges, from rapid curing to optical clarity, making them indispensable tools for professionals across diverse sectors. As industries continue to evolve, Permabond remains a reliable partner, providing adhesive solutions that meet the stringent demands of modern manufacturing and production processes. Our product line continues to grow as we formulate new products to meet the exacting needs of individual applications.

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