OEM Adhesives and Sealants

OEM adhesives are being used on a massive scale worldwide for the assembly of production items, e.g. bonding strips onto razors, grips onto pens, needles into hubs, end caps to filters, dust covers onto loudspeakers; you name it there is probably a way of using adhesives as part of the assembly process. The whole process can be fully automated if desired, with dispensing equipment applying a metered dose of adhesive onto a component assembly moving along a conveyor. This saves manual processes such as welding, soldering, brazing or using mechanical fasteners. It also opens the door to using a wider range of substrate materials which cannot be joined by welding.

Typical Applications:

Industrial & OEM Adhesives

  • Loudspeaker bonding
  • Filters
  • Printer cartridges
  • Packaging
  • Mobile phones
  • Bluetooth headsets

Adhesive Key Features

Typically manufacturers are looking for rapid curing adhesives which help optimize production throughput. Permabond offers a range of instant bonding adhesives and cure on demand UV-adhesives which enable them to bond assemblies in one or two seconds. Other technologies such as epoxies and structural acrylic adhesives are also available, which offer high strength, durability and ultimate structural performance.

Many products have UV-fluorescing indicators added to them to facilitate easy in-line QC inspection. The popularity of using materials such as polypropylene and polyethylene on high speed production lines brings great cost saving benefits to manufacturers. These materials can be challenging to bond but Permabond has adhesives which will bond these and substrates such as silicone and PTFE, without the need to install expensive pre-treatment equipment. Permabond’s experienced engineers can help you find a cost effective, reliable solution for your production line.

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