Munitions Adhesives and Sealants

Munitions Adhesives and Sealants

Permabond is a world leader in munitions adhesives and sealants technologies as well as being a registered NATO Contractor. We therefore offer a range of products for the munitions manufacturing industry, including products for crimp sealing and bullet sealing. Moreover, we have a wealth of experience in providing custom formulations to suit specific munitions customer requirements.

Munitions Adhesives

Typical munitions adhesive applications:

Permabond adhesives can be used in crimp sealing of blank bullets, coming in a wide variety of colours for the purpose of identification. As well as this, our adhesives can be used in bullet primer sealing and sealing bullet casings, among others. For a fuller overview of our work in this industry, check out our brochure.

Key Features

Benefits over other methods of bullet sealing:

  • Solvent-free – no emissions or waste, non-flammable and 100% reactive
  • Single component, which means no mixing or pot-life
  • Controlled viscosity to match the application
  • No creep, shrinkage, or cracking
  • Excellent protection against moisture ingress

Benefits over bitumen-based sealants:

  • No heat-cure required
  • No drying out or cracking
  • Low viscosity for easy in-line dispensing
  • Rapid cure
  • Built-in UV fluorescence enables easy inspection

If you’d like some assistance in selecting the best product for your application, contact Permabond.

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