Marine Adhesives

Marine Adhesives

Marine adhesives offer a number of advantages to manufacturers when used instead of mechanical fasteners. Using adhesives can help manufacturers in the marine industry to keep up with the latest trends in design, performance and sustainability. Besides ensuring a more visually pleasing end product, adhesives help bring product weight down. This matters because it results in better performance and greater fuel efficiency, something of great interest to all serious marine manufacturers. 

Permabond offers a range of marine adhesive products suitable for use in shipbuilding, repair, and maintenance. To this point, our adhesives have been used in a very wide variety of marine applications, from ship windows and boat glove boxes to internal and external lighting as well as yacht gangways. We also provide solutions for threadlocking and pipe-based applications.

We have a diverse range of adhesives to suit these varied applications. For example, our TA series of structural acrylics all have great water resistance and even (bar one) can bond underwater! For smaller marine vessels such as kayaks and canoes, we use products from this range for bonding items to vessels as well as to paddles, etc. See Permabond TA4610 for more information. Our ET series of two-part epoxy adhesives have been used in mast building applications, and our UV-curing adhesives are ideal for boat lighting applications.  

Typical applications for marine adhesives:

marine adhesive

  • Bonding Gears to Shafts
  • Repairing and Replacing Spun Bearings
  • Bonding Bushings
  • Sealing and Gasketing Gear Box Housing
  • Lighting applications
  • Construction and Repair of Hulls, Masts, Decks, and Superstructures.
  • Bonding and Reinforcing Metals, Composites and Other Substrates

For more information including a selection chart, download the product brochure. For personal assistance in selecting the best product for your application, contact Permabond.


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