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The use of adhesives in electric vehicles is even more widespread than their use in conventional automobiles.  Adhesives offer many advantages to both types of vehicles, including; ease of use compared to welding, environmental resistance, sealing, distributing stress, and joining dissimilar materials. The advantages of adhesives specific to electric vehicles include bonding composites and low surface energy plastics, reducing weight, thermal conductivity, and electrical insulation.


Typical Applications:

  • Bonding battery boxes
  • Encapsulating with expandable thermally conductive filler
  • Bonding battery cells to casings
  • Bonding and potting sensors
  • Bonding magnets in electric motors
  • Bonding doors, hood, and trunk components
  • Threadlocking and retaining bolts, pins, and bearings
  • Bonding interior dashboard and trim
  • Sealing heat exchangers
  • Forming gaskets


Electric Vehicle Adhesives Key Features:

Permabond has a complete line of adhesives for conventional and electric vehicles, which allow engineers freedom to design for maximum performance.  A few of the key features of adhesives for this industry include:

  • Thermal Conductivity
  • Electrical Insulating
  • Excellent adhesion to composites, metals, plastics, including low surface energy plastics
  • Heat resistance
  • Environmental resistance
  • No odor adhesives


Contact Permabond with details of your application for a product recommendation to maximize your design.

For more information, see

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Adhesives for Electric Vehicle Batteries


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