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Adhesives for Personal Electronic Devices

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Adhesives for Personal Electronic Devices

Permabond offers a range of adhesive technologies suitable for bonding, sealing, thread locking and potting a wide variety of applications found commonly in personal electronic devices – or anything with a view or touch screen.  At Permabond we understand that these diverse applications require a variety of adhesive technologies to suit each need.  Including:
Structural Adhesives
UV Curable Adhesives
Instant Adhesives
Adhesive use is widespread, and each item has unique requirements, but some of the common applications and solutions are found on the reverse.
Engineers in these areas understand the advantages adhesives offer over mechanical fasteners which include greater freedom of substrate material choice, better strength performance, stress distribution, and a more pleasing finished appearance.

Typical Applications:


  • Battery Sealing
  • Camera Lens Bonding
  • Display Bonding
  • Keypad Bonding
  • Rubber Feet Bonding
  • Logo Bonding
  • Speaker Assembly
  • Structural Case Bonding
  • Touch Panel Lamination

Permabond® Adhesives for Electronic Devices Features & Benefits:

  • Flexible and rigid solutions
  • Dual curing UV curable adhesives which cure in shadowed areas
  • Excellent shock and impact resistance
  • Good environmental durability
  • Various cure and set speeds
  • Adhesives which can be easily integrated into high-speed production
  • Non-yellowing products with good optical clarity
  • Bond a variety of substrates
  • Heat resistant products which withstand wave soldering processes
  • Silicone, isocyanate, and solvent free
  • Single part – no need to measure and mix or use mixing nozzles
  • 2-part adhesives in a variety of forms where manual measuring is not needed
  • Wide range of viscosity from wicking grades to thixotropic gels

For assistance in choosing the best adhesive for your application, contact Permabond technical support.


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