Adhesives for Personal Electronic Devices

Adhesives for Personal Electronic Devices

Engineers who work in the field of personal electronic devices understand the benefits that adhesives provide over mechanical fasteners when it comes to bonding, not least of which is a more pleasing finished appearance. The right adhesive can make a big difference to the quality of a finished electronic device; indeed, adhesive use also makes for a stronger end product with better stress distribution and strength performance. This results in a more cost-effective production, as the protection offered to components during the manufacturing process ensures a more durable device which is less likely to develop faults further down the line. 

Furthermore, adhesives also provide greater freedom of choice in choosing a substrate material, as well as offering thermal and electrically conductive properties. This makes adhesives the obvious choice for anyone serious about developing great electronic devices and subsequently explains their ever-increasing popularity in this field.

But, we hear you ask, which adhesive is best to use? Electronic devices require a variety of different bonding solutions depending on the specific application in question, including threadlocking, sealing and potting, and here at Permabond we offer solutions for all of these. Moreover, we understand that these diverse applications in turn require diverse adhesive technologies, and we offer the following product types to suit:

  • Structural adhesives
  • Sealants
  • UV-curable adhesives
  • Instant adhesives 

Whether your electronic device production requires a rapid cure in seconds or several hours to assemble parts, Permabond can help you find a bonding solution. With various adhesives providing a range of viscosities and colours, we can help make sure that you use the best adhesive for your application. 

Typical applications for adhesives in the electronic devices field:

  • Battery Sealing
  • Camera Lens Bonding
  • Display Bonding
  • Keypad Bonding
  • Rubber Feet Bonding
  • Logo Bonding
  • Speaker Assembly
  • Structural Case Bonding
  • Touch Panel Lamination

Permabond® Adhesives for Electronic Devices Features & Benefits:

No matter your application, you want to make sure you choose the best possible adhesive for your needs. Permabond® adhesives offer a wide range of benefits to suit a variety of different electronic device production requirements:

  • Flexible and rigid solutions
  • Dual curing UV curable adhesives which cure in shadowed areas
  • Excellent shock and impact resistance
  • Good environmental durability
  • Various cure and set speeds
  • Adhesives which can be easily integrated into high-speed production
  • Non-yellowing products with good optical clarity
  • Bond a variety of substrates
  • Heat resistant products which withstand wave soldering processes
  • Silicone, isocyanate, and solvent free
  • Single part – no need to measure and mix or use mixing nozzles
  • 2-part adhesives in a variety of forms where manual measuring is not needed
  • Wide range of viscosity from wicking grades to thixotropic gels


Whether you’re currently using traditional methods to bond your electronic device parts or are simply looking for a new adhesive solution, we’re here to help you find the best product for your needs. Our extensive experience coupled with our expert team of technical engineers puts us in a unique position to answer any questions that you may have. Therefore, please do get in touch with us if you require any support whatsoever – we’ll be glad to help.

For assistance in choosing the best adhesive for your application, contact Permabond technical support.


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