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Permabond Engineering Adhesives and Sealants

Cleaning up cured and uncured industrial adhesives

Industrial adhesives are usually designed to offer the strongest bond and the best environmental resistance possible, so cleaning up and adhesive removal can be a monumental challenge!  In every case, it is important to consult the relevant ...

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Polyurethane adhesives aren’t just construction adhesives

Two component polyurethane adhesives are used to bond materials with different flexibility or different thermal coefficients of expansion including glass to metal, fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) to metal, and aluminium to steel. This is surpr...

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Common and bizarre uses of cyanoacrylate adhesives

Permabond 910 is the original cyanoacrylate, and as we celebrate the 65th birthday of 910, which was designed for bonding, I can’t help but think of all the other ways cyanoacrylate adhesive is used.  I am certain that 65 years ago it woul...

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Permabond, a leading manufacturer of engineering adhesives, supplies high-quality industrial adhesives to customers in virtually every industry worldwide.

Permabond has offices in The Americas, Europe and Asia. Our sales and technical experts are supported by a worldwide network of distributors to assist you with all of your bonding and sealing needs.

From Design…

With offices located around the world, Permabond is able to provide round the clock help and support to design engineers and production engineers.

Whether you require expert technical help, product recommendations, samples, laboratory testing or even development of custom formulations, Permabond can’t wait to help you.

…To Production

To ensure customer production lines run quickly and smoothly, and produce high quality bonds, Permabond’s quality management system ensures we supply consistent high quality industrial adhesive products.

Contact Permabond if you would like a free production line audit or assistance with introducing industrial adhesive materials into fully automated or manual production lines.

Purchasing Permabond Adhesive

For information on product pack sizes, adhesive availability and contact details of local distributors for quotations or local support please contact Permabond’s friendly customer service staff in your region. Click here for contact information

Permabond prides itself on its short lead times and low minimum order quantities, even for custom formulations.