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Laurie Gibbons
Adhesive Types, UV Curable Adhesives
April 11, 2013

Permabond Engineering Adhesives is pleased to announce the launch of two new optically clear UV-curable adhesives . These products complement the existing UV product range. The new UV-light cured adhesives offer maximum optical clarity – even in high-stress situations. Some adhesives can turn white under high stress when in a structural bond. They also have enhanced resistance to harsh environments. For example, long-term exposure to sunlight and contact with water.

Permabond UV6160 has been developed to remain “invisible” even under high stress joints and in intense sunlight. Permabond UV6231 is also an optically clear UV adhesive that offers exceptional durability in harsh environments. Here are some features and benefits of both products.

  • Cure on demand
  • Optically clear
  • Excellent environmental resistance
  • Fast curing with lowpower lamps
  • 100% solids, no solvents
  • Excellent adhesion to metal and glass

UV-curable adhesives offer excellent long-term durability and good adhesion performance on a wide range of substrates – in particular, glass and metal. Typical applications where these new adhesives are beneficial include structural bonding applications such as:

  • Glass balconies
  • Walkways
  • Staircases
  • Furniture
  • Bonding glass kitchenware
  • Bathroom applications such as handles and hinges on shower screens and cabinets
  • Glass artwork/sculptures in harsh outdoor environments (where there is long term exposure to rain, strong sunshine, frost etc.).


Please contact Permabond for further information, technical datasheets, and brochure for these new products via our inquiry page: Contact Us

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