Low odor adhesives for bonding plastics and metals

Structural acrylic adhesives are popular because they form high-strength bonds; most cure rapidly. Because of this, structural acrylic adhesives lend themselves to high-speed production processes where clamping the part and curing the adhesive overnight or in an oven is impractical. However, there is a well-known drawback… They can be pretty smelly! Some people quite like the smell. However, for production line operatives that have to use the adhesive day in and day out, it can be unpleasant and uncomfortable.  Good airflow and extraction is essential. But not all employers provide this due to the cost of installation or the space required.  There is some good news, though! Permabond has launched its new low odor adhesive. These combine the high strength performance associated with structural acrylic adhesives with the fast cure and rapid strength development properties revered by adhesive users.

Permabond TA452

This low-odor structural acrylic combines resin and hardener in a 1:1 mix ratio to provide handling time in 6-9 minutes. It is particularly suited to metal bonding applications. Its low shrinkage characteristics help prevent show-through on thin metallic skins, which can sometimes be problematic with MMA-based structural adhesives.

Permabond TA4522

TA4522 has a slightly longer handling time of 10-15 minutes. This low odor adhesive is especially good for bonding plastics and metal substrate materials.

These products offer high shear and peel strength, good impact, and vibration resistance and are ideal for bonding dissimilar surfaces where differential thermal expansion and contraction could be an issue. They are ideal for bonding composite materials and are a popular choice for materials such as Alucobond – especially for applications that require a good aesthetic appearance with no visible fasteners or drill holes. Shopfitters, sign makers, and architects may find these adhesives good to work with as they don’t smell bad, they’re easy to use, and they offer good bonding performance.

For further assistance, please contact Permabond.  Download technical datasheets TA452 TA4522.

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