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CSA-NFTraditional accelerators contain flammable solvents; Permabond® CSA-NF is non-flammable and eliminates shipping and safety concerns related to flammable solvents.

Cyanoacrylate adhesives are single component adhesives that cure by reacting to small traces of moisture on the surface of the substrates being bonded.  Accelerators are used to speed the cure on very dry or acidic surfaces and on porous surfaces to cause cure prior to the adhesive wicking into the porous substrate.  Additionally they are used to quicken surface cure to a clear non-tacky finish with no white residue. 

 Permabond CSA-NF is appropriate for all Permabond cyanoacrylates. The line includes products which vary in; adhesion to different substrates, viscosity, color, temperature resistance, gap filling capability, cure speed and compatibility, as well as Permabond’s high performance cyanoacrylates which include rapid cure, high temperature resistance, surface insensitive, non-blooming, low odor and impact resistance. 

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