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Rebecca Wilmot
Adhesive Selection and Use, Shelf Life
August 4, 2017

 How to ensure you have the most current Permabond SDS?

SDS from Permabond. – As yet, there is no agreed, and harmonized classification for substances by Reach and only a few have approved CLP classification; it is up to each supplier to test, evaluate and classify every substance they are putting on the European market in respect to hazard information.

Permabond continues to receive updated SDSs from our raw material suppliers, which quite often carry different hazard classification compared to previous SDS revisions. This creates a constant need to revise and update each SDS as required by the Article 31(9) of the regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH).

We continue to update our SDSs as new information presents itself.  To receive the most current copy of an SDS, please complete the SDS request for your region Americas and Asia and ROW.  Note SDSs are available in several languages, so if you have a language preference, please specify. American SDS differ from British SDS due to regulations – so the same product will have different SDS depending on which side of the Atlantic you are…

If I find an SDS online – isn’t that the most recent version?

No.  Permabond does not publish its SDSs online.  To ensure you have the most current version, please request one directly from Permabond.

How to ensure you have the most current TDS?

Find technical data sheets for standard Permabond products here.  They are updated as we gain new information about a product.  For example, shear strength testing to additional substrates.  Permabond has many more formulations for niche markets.  Therefore, we don’t list every product on line.  If the product you are seeking is not listed, please contact Permabond.

Does the TDS contain the product specifications?

No, the technical data sheet offers guideline information and does not constitute a specification.

Where do I find the shelf life of Permabond products?


Permabond product shelf life is based on date of shipment from Permabond.  Please contact your distributor for shelf life information, include your purchase order number and Permabond batch numbers.

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