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Golf Club Epoxy

Adhesives are used in many different sports equipment bonding applications. One such application is bonding heads onto shafts with golf club epoxy.  It sounds like an easy application, and in principle, it is – put some adhesive on the tip of the shaft and then insert it into the club head.  Quick… let’s get down to the hardware store and get some epoxy! WAIT….  If the adhesive isn’t strong enough and the head flings off, it could be an ugly scene… possibly smashing a golf cart window, more likely embedding in someone’s skull!

So what sort of adhesives are used for bonding golf club heads?

Normally a two-part epoxy is used – but not just any old bog-standard product. Epoxies are generally very high strength in shear, tensile, or compression, but they are normally rigid and tend to be a bit brittle, meaning peel and impact resistance is not so good.  However, if you opt for a toughened epoxy containing a rubber toughened matrix, the adhesive bond gives ample resistance to any impact, peel, or torsional stress on the joint. It is a very small joint, but the stress concentration in that area is huge.

golf club epoxy

Permabond offers a range of toughened epoxy adhesives suitable for bonding golf clubs. They offer excellent adhesion to carbon, graphite, composite, titanium, steel, wood, and many other materials. Cure speed and viscosity can be matched as per the user’s preference. Permabond has a long history of supplying two-part epoxies into the golf-bond industry for the manufacture of golf clubs.

Benefits of Permabond 2-part toughened epoxies include:

  • Excellent environmental resistance
  • Easy mixing from cartridge via static mixing nozzle
  • Cures at room temperature (cure time can be reduced by heating)
  • Available in bulk for high-speed production lines manufacturing golf clubs
  • Able to bond a multitude of materials – great for bonding dissimilar materials as the adhesive can help absorb the differential expansion and contraction stresses
  • Toughened, good impact resistance, high peel, and shear strength
  • Available in a range of viscosities and cure speeds
  • Custom formulation development team on hand
  • Global supply network

For further help and information on golf club epoxy, please contact Permabond.