How to bond Nitrile Rubber

How to bond nitrile rubber.  Nitrile rubber is a synthetic rubber – (NBR or XNBR). It is a relatively flexible rubber and its use is widespread. It has a low surface energy combined with a low cohesive strength existing on the surface. Surface treatment techniques such as corona, flame, acid etching etc. have very little effect.

Permabond adhesive products found to bond nitrile rubber well are cyanoacrylate adhesives – generally the rubber will tear before the adhesive fails.  All grades adhere well to nitrile rubber.  If flexibility is required, consider Permabond 731, 735, 737 or 2050. For other types of rubber Permabond POP increases adhesion – however, Permabond POP does not increase adhesion to nitrile rubber.

If longer open time is needed or more resistance to polar solvents is needed, opt for Permabond TA4605 or TA4610 acrylics.

bond nitrile rubber


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