Klebstoffe für Keramiken

Permabond offers several toughened grades of ceramic bonding adhesives. Ceramic materials are inorganic compounds that are typically rigid and very brittle.  They are generally electrically non-conductive and have good heat resistance and resistance to harsh chemicals.  The brittleness of ceramics often calls for toughened grades of adhesive which can resist the different thermal expansion rates between the ceramic and adjoining substrate.

Adhesives for ceramic bonding

Structural one-component epoxy and two-component epoxy adhesives are good options.  Similarly toughened acrylic adhesives provide good strength – but opt for a 1:1 system over the resin/initiator products.  For food grade ceramic applications Permabond food grade epoxy ET5145 is recommended.

Tips for surface preparation

1. Remove glaze by abrasion or grit-blasting.
2. Loose particles should then be removed with acetone, isopropanol, or Permabond Cleaner A.
3. Ensure solvent has fully evaporated before applying adhesive (solvent may remain trapped in pores).


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