2-K Epoxidharzklebstoffe – Auswahlhilfe

Below is a table representing a segment of Permabond’s complete line of Epoxy Adhesives. Contact a technical representative at Permabond to discuss your specific application requirements. We will be able to recommend the most suitable adhesive for your application.

Grade (Click grade number for TDS) Description Viscosity mPa.s (cP) Handling Time (at 23°C / 73°F) Shear Strength MPa (psi) Availability
ET500 Very fast curing, clear. 13,000-24,000 5-8 mins 12-18 (1750-2600) Worldwide
ET505 Tough, structural multipurpose adhesive for bonding a wide variety of materials. 12,000-27,000 3-5 hours 18-21 (2600-3000) Worldwide
ET510 Rapid curing and flexible for excellent impact and peel resistance. 22,000-39,000 20-40 mins 8-12 (1200-1750) Worldwide
ET514 Toughened, impact resistant, high strength. Thixo 60-120 mins 18-20 (2600-2900) Worldwide
ET515 Clear and flexible, again with excellent peel and impact resistance 12,000-22,000 20-30 mins 8-12 (1160-1740) Worldwide
ET536 Toughened, thixotropic, excellent gap fill and flow control. Thixo 90-120 mins 15-24 (2200-3500) Worldwide
ET538 Toughened, thixotropic, excellent gap fill and flow control. Long pot life for large assemblies. Thixo 3 - 5 hours 18-20 (2600-2900) Worldwide
ET5401 Toughened, thixotropic, excellent gap fill and flow control, high temperature resistant. Thick paste 60 - 90 mins 20-30 (2900-4400) Worldwide

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