Adhesives for Composites – All Industry

Adhesives for Composites – All-Industry

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Permabond offers a wide range of different adhesive technologies for bonding composites. The number of different composites is vast, and so, therefore, is our adhesive offering for the industries using them. Whether you require a rapid cure in seconds or need several hours to assemble parts, Permabond can help you find the right adhesive. 

How do you know the best adhesive to choose for your composite bonding application? Well, apart from asking us, you could start with the type of composite you’re using as well as the assembly process. Any specific requirements of the bond are also important to consider. 

You might, for example, want to consider using an epoxy adhesive, as these are the most commonly used adhesives for this substrate. In particular, heat-curing single component epoxies provide high-strength bonds to many composite materials. You will however need to make sure to clamp or jig components to keep them properly aligned during the curing process in the oven. If this isn’t an option, a room temperature two-component epoxy offers more flexibility and versatility while also providing quite high strength. 

You could also opt for a structural acrylic adhesive. Both surface activated structural acrylic adhesives and 1:1 mix structural acrylic adhesives form very high strength bonds to composites that have high peel strength. Surface activated acrylic adhesives are very fast setting.  Permabond TA4246, for example, is toughened and achieves handling strength in under 4 minutes.

Other adhesives you might want to consider are cyanoacrylates, polyurethanes and UV-curing adhesives.

Key features of composite adhesives:

You might be wondering, why even use adhesives at all when you could just use traditional means of bonding, such as fasteners? Users of Permabond adhesives benefit from features not available from mechanical fasteners, including:

-Cost savings
-Component weight reduction
-Improved stress distribution
-Improved appearance
-Faster manufacturing process
-Eliminating pre-drilling
-Preventing leaks
-Preventing corrosion
-Wider choice of substrate materials
-Better noise and vibration absorption

Industries reliant on Permabond adhesives for composites include:

-Aerospace – cabin interior
-Automotive – lightweight carbon fiber sports cars and aftermarket parts
-Sports equipment
-Medical prosthetics
-Tanks and vats
-Wind turbine blades
-Vehicle conversions, caravans, and campervans
-Architectural, building facades, signage, and interior design

For more information, including a selection chart, download the product brochure. For personal assistance in selecting the best product for your application, contact Permabond.

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