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Permabond 940 Very Low Odor Cyanoacrylate Toughens 3D Prototypes

Rapid prototyping engineers are breathing a sigh of relief with Permabond’s 940-series low odor cyanoacrylate adhesives.  Permabond 940 is the choice product for use as an infiltrant for toughening prototypes made with 3D printing.  After any remaining loose powder is removed from the model, the model is dipped into an open bath of Permabond 940.  The 940 wicks into the porous model and hardens forming a durable prototype.  The odor of a standard cyanoacrylate can be very irritating during the open dipping process; with Permabond 940 the odor is drastically reduced, making the work environment considerably more comfortable.

940 3d prototyping