We’re on fire! Permabond launches high-strength, fire retardant adhesive TA4230

George Moore
Adhesive Properties, Fire Retardant
May 25, 2023

Permabond is delighted to announce the launch of its new fast-curing, high-strength fire retardant adhesive TA4230, which has been third party tested to meet UL94-V0 requirements.


This is truly a groundbreaking product, being both tougher and faster-curing than most other fire retardant adhesives on the market. A 2-part, 1:1 mix ratio, toughened acrylic adhesive, TA4230 can bond to a wide variety of substrates including metals, plastics, composites and ceramics, among others. In addition to this, it provides an excellent shear strength on many substrates with very little surface preparation. 


See just how effective TA4230 is at putting out fires in the video below! When compared to TA4207, another of our structural acrylic adhesives, the fire stands almost no chance at all.


TA4230 achieves a room temperature handling strength in between 10 and 20 minutes. This results in faster production times, with no need to clamp any bonded substrates for long periods of time before use. This, in addition to TA4230’s high impact resistance, results in a super-strong bond that can withstand much more than just fire! 


The table below shows the performance of Permabond TA4230 in comparison to other fire-retardant adhesives on the market:

Key features and applications of TA4230:

  • Fast curing
  • Fire-retardant to UL94 V-0 standard
  • Easy to use
  • High strength
  • Bonds many substrates
  • TSCA compliant
  • Available in convenient to use cartridges


Target applications of this product include:

  • Electric vehicle batteries – potting and sealing around electric cables
  • Cladding – bonding Alucobond and other similar composites for exterior building cladding
  • Vehicles & transportation – potential for bus and train interior composites bonding
  • Shopfitting and construction in public areas
  • Bonding electrical goods


This adhesive is available in dual cartridges and is mixed via a static mixing nozzle to enable accurate application. There is no need to manually weigh or mix this product. You can see a copy of our third party UL94 V-0 test certification here.

For further information, to discuss your application or to test out sample material of Permabond TA4230, please contact your friendly Permabond technical team at help.europe@permabond.com.

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