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How to bond acrylic to stainless steel

Bonding acrylic to stainless steel can be accomplished with a variety of different adhesive types including UV curable, structural adhesive and cyanoacrylate.  Each type has its own characteristics.

 UV Curable

Permabond UV632 was developed for use on plastics and has superb adhesion to acrylic. It also forms strong bonds to metals.  It bonds acrylic to stainless steel in seconds with UV/Visible light.  Bonds are clear, strong, and absorb thermal expansion and contraction stresses.  Although the bonds resist water, long term exposure to the elements is not recommended.

Structural Acrylic

Permabond TA4246 is a two-part, room temperature curing, acrylic adhesive with very high strength and excellent environmental durability. TA4246 is used with Initiator 46. The initiator should be applied to the steel, and the TA4246 should be applied to the plastic before joining the parts.  These strong bonds are almost colorless.


acrylic to stainless steel Permabond 910

The original cyanoacrylate, Permabond 910 is a methyl cyanoacrylate, designed to bond metals, but also has high bond strength to acrylic.  Cyanoacrylates have good non polar solvent resistance.  Bonds will have good resistance to substances like motor oil and gasoline.  Cyanoacrylate bonds do not have good resistance to polar solvents, so exposure to substances such as water and alcohol should be minimized.

When bonding with cyanoacrylates, use only as much adhesive as is needed to cover the bond area.   The excess adhesive may cause surrounding acrylic to be coated in a frosty white layer.

In summary, for indoor applications where UV light can reach the bond Permabond UV632 may be the best fit.  For indoor or outdoor applications that require good environmental resistance and structural bond strength, Permabond TA4246 may be ideal.  Permabond 910 forms instant bonds for indoor applications.

Please note, the above-listed products are only a few examples of products that bond acrylic to aluminum and are used here to demonstrate the varied technologies possible.  To review your unique application requirements, please contact Permabond.