How to Bond Nylon

Permabond is pleased to announce the launch of its new structural acrylic adhesive, Permabond TA4660, which provides outstanding adhesion to nylon and metal substrates.

Permabond TA4660 is a two-part structural adhesive ideal for bonding filled and unfilled nylon. THere is no need for primer or surface pretreatment to form bonds that exceed the strength of the nylon. This 2:1 mix ratio, low odor, room temperature curing adhesive also bonds metals.

Key information about TA4660 Nylon Bonder:

  • Breakthrough patent-pending technology
  • Excellent adhesion to polyamides such as glass-filled nylon, nylon 6, and nylon 6,6.
  • No need for primer or pretreatment so the application is one step
  • Two-component 2:1 acrylic adhesive
  • Available in 50ml, 400ml cartridges, or also in bulk
  • Full cure at room temperature
  • 25-minute fixture time
  • Dark grey color
  • Good adhesion between polyamides and also a variety of metals
  • Toughened, ideal for dissimilar surfaces
  • Good adhesion retention at high temperature
  • Good health and safety rating


In fact, the shear strength data listed below shows that the nylon fails before the bond in most applications.

PA6: >10 N/mm² (>1450 psi) Substrate Failure
PA6,6: >6 N/mm² (>870 psi) Substrate Failure
PA6 30% GF: 14-18 N/mm² (2030-2610 psi)
Mild Steel to PA6,6: >10 N/mm² (>1450 psi) Substrate Failure
Aluminium to PA6,6: >10 N/mm² (1450 psi) Substrate Failure

It is important to realize that the above values were achieved with no primer or pretreatment. Furthermore, the bonds have good strength retention at high temperatures and absorb differential thermal expansion and contraction stress without causing the bond to fracture.

For in detail information download the TDS or Flyer  or, of course, contact Permabond to learn if TA4660 is appropriate for your application.


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