Speaker Adhesives

Speaker Adhesives

From small speakers found in electronic toys to the largest stage speakers, Permabond has the know-how and experience to assist with your sound application. Applications that may appear similar on the surface, such as speakers and microphones, often have vastly different requirements stemming from their underlying design and/or construction. This is why it’s so important to get expert advice first to make sure you select the right speaker adhesive for your needs. 

Speaker adhesives offer many benefits over traditional methods of bonding and securing, such as cost reductions, better impact and stress resistance, as well as a lighter, more visually appealing end product. They also ensure a faster manufacturing process, increasing output. 

Speaker AdhesivesTypical applications of speaker adhesives:

  • Permabond cyanoacrylates are used to instantly bond the small magnets in headsets.
  • Permabond ET510 is the preferred choice for consumer electronics, like cell phones, due to its durable strength.
  • Permabond UV light curables meet the production requirements of fire alarm speakers where the ‘cure on demand’ aspect of UV light curables allows high-speed production.
  • Permabond TA4590 is ideal for the harsh demands of bonding the magnets in loudspeakers.

In addition to manufacture, adhesives are also frequently used in speaker repair applications. Some of the more popular adhesives that we use in these applications are:

Cyanoacrylates: these are very efficient due to their ultra-fast cure time, are non-flammable and suitable for high-temperature applications. What’s more, they are very easy to use as they are single-component, with no mixing required.

Epoxy adhesives: these adhesives are sought after in speaker repair applications because they’re able to withstand the high temperatures and stresses caused by the coil and magnet in speakers. They take longer than other adhesives to cure, but form a very strong, chemically resistant bond. This is particularly important for waterproof speakers, as these adhesives are water and moisture resistant. They’re also a more environmentally friendly option as they don’t contain any VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

UV-curable adhesives: these offer the strength and resistance properties of epoxies but cure far more quickly.

Permabond has a complete line of speaker adhesives to offer a total solution to complex assembly and repair needs. For more information including a selection chart, download the product brochure. For personal assistance in selecting the best product for your application contact Permabond.

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