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Permabond Adhesives for Lighting Applications

Permabond manufactures adhesives that are trusted for the many bonding, coating, and sealing applications found in lighting manufacturing and assembly. We offer solutions in many different areas of this field, ranging from architectural, commercial and residential lighting, all the way to theatre and stadium lighting. You name it, if there’s a lighting application, we will almost certainly have an adhesive to suit.

Adhesives play a role throughout the entire lighting industry. For example, electronic PCBs and lamp holders need bonding to keep them in place. Meanwhile, industrial and stage/theatre lights have reflectors that need to be able to withstand temperature extremes. Wire tacking and attaching components are further examples of the purpose that adhesives serve in this varied and exciting industry. Below we’ll explore some more specific applications for these adhesives.

adhesives for lightingTypical applications of lighting adhesives:

  • Dome Coating
  • Housing Bonding
  • LED Enclosures
  • LED Strip Bonding
  • Lens Bonding
  • Potting
  • Reflector Bonding
  • Thermal Management
  • Threadlocking
  • Wire Tacking

Considering the breadth of applications and substrates used in this industry, an equal breadth of adhesives is required to provide the best solution.

Dome Coating – Tack-free, UV-curing, dome coating adhesives are ideal for protecting LED light strips.

Potting – For many lighting applications, clear, non-yellowing, two-component epoxy adhesives cure at room temperature to provide a good durable seal.  For other applications a soft, flexible, clear MS polymer is more suitable.  MS Polymers are single component, which means no mixing is required.  These are the best choice for external applications since they do not yellow in sunlight and are water impervious. With regards to the weather – whether rain, snow, sleet, or hail – bring it on!

Bonding – Epoxies, structural acrylics, UV curable adhesives, Polyurethanes, and Cyanoacrylates are all used to bond lighting components.

Thermal Management – for this application, traditional single component epoxy is available. However, Permabond also offers structural acrylics and modified epoxies, which provide equally good thermal management. These also open up the options for other cure methods.

Contact our Technical Team in order to determine which adhesive is best for your lighting application.

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