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PERMABOND A131 Anaerobic Thread Sealant

Permabond® A131 is an anaerobic adhesive designed to seal threaded metal pipe connections carrying a wide variety of gases and liquids, including potable water. Suitable for use on both parallel and tapered threads, the delayed cure allows accurate alignment of components. Capable of giving an instant pressure seal and not drying out like many mastics, re-work can effectively be eliminated. Should disassembly be necessary, this can be accomplished using normal tools.

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Vibration resistant
  • Lubricates threads for easier assembly
  • Provides corrosion protection
  • WRAS listed for contact with wholesome (potable) water


permabond a131 

permabond a131 cured
Surface Preparation
Though the anaerobic adhesives will tolerate a slight degree of surface contamination, best results are obtained on clean, dry and grease free surfaces. The use of a suitable solvent-based cleaner (such as acetone or isopropanol) is recommended.
In general, roughened surfaces (~25μm) give higher bond strengths than polished or ground surfaces.
To reduce the curing time, especially on inactive surfaces (such as zinc, aluminium and stainless steel), the use of Permabond A905 or ASC10 can be considered.
Directions for Use
1) Apply a continuous bead circumferentially 1-2 threads from the leading edge.
2) Ensure sufficient is applied to give a complete seal.
3) For taper/parallel threads ensure adhesive is positioned where the threads will engage fully. Gaps, and therefore cure times, may be greater than expected with this joint configuration.
4) Tighten with normal tools.Surface Preparation Prior to Using Permabond A131

For more information download the Technical Data Sheet


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