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Laurie Gibbons
Adhesive Selection, Adhesive Selection and Use
May 2, 2018

Over the holidays, I was visiting with a cousin from out of town that was talking about her new job.  I remembered that she had a new job last year too, so I asked her why she changed jobs again.  She said, “I don’t know how you’ve stayed with the same company for 20 years – don’t you get bored?” “Not yet” I said, because this happens to be one of the most interesting fields in the world! Each request for an adhesive is unique, each industry has it’s own requirements, and each new design engineer teaches us about their industry. But a common factor, is that many people are looking for the strongest adhesive.

We may receive a dozen calls a day looking for a strong adhesive however, each answer is different.  In learning about your unique application needs, you teach us exciting facts about virtually every industry.  The strongest adhesive for a stainless steel food service counter is very different than the strongest adhesive for an anesthesia mask, or a class H motor, or a toy, or a piece of art.

Forefront of Technology

It is also rewarding to play a role in advancing every new technology that comes along.  For example, helping to engineer the a strong adhesive into touch screens back when we didn’t know what a touchscreen was.  So many advances in technology rely heavily on adhesives, from medical design engineers miniaturizing a medical device for minimally invasive surgery, to transportation engineers designing lighter weight composite assemblies.

Here are a few of the Permabond lunchroom conversations I recall over the years.  Many start with “Do you know…”

  • “Do you know – they are coming out with computers that don’t have keyboards – you’ll just touch the screen to type?”
  • “Do you know – that they are developing machines that keep transplant hearts beating after they come out of the doner until they get to the recipient?”
  • “Do you know how large the inside of the nacelle in a wind turbine is?”
Experience and Our Longevity

30% of Permabond employees have been with the company for over 20 years!   The best part about that is if one of us is unsure about the best strong adhesive for an application  – there is a good chance that another one of us old timers have uncovered that answer sometime over the last 20 years.

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