Purchasing Industrial Adhesives

Rebecca Wilmot
Adhesive Selection and Use, Tips
June 21, 2016

Design engineers work diligently to find the right industrial adhesive company to partner with. They ensure the sales representative and technical representative are knowledgeable and responsive. They review the quality systems in place to confirm consistent product will be produced. When it comes to buying adhesives, choosing the adhesive distributor can be as important as choosing the adhesive manufacturer.

Our worldwide network of adhesive distributors permits local representation for hands-on application assistance. In some areas of the world, we have industry specific distributors who specialize in only supplying one industrial segment, such as dental supply, pipeline restoration, or fire protection.

Why choosing an authorized adhesive distributor is vital.

Permabond’s authorized adhesive distributors are aware of product shelf life and storage conditions of each product.

Great Deals – not always – a Great Idea

I recently received a call from a customer who had used one of our industrial adhesives for many years. He wanted to know the expiration date of the lot he recently purchased. I looked up the lot number and found it was SEVERAL YEARS past the shelf life. The product had a one year shelf life – when stored refrigerated. It turns out, that instead of buying adhesives from their authorized adhesive distributor. The company found a GREAT DEAL online from an individual seller. I am an avid bargain shopper, and I too have made bargain mistakes – that bargain paint that took 3 coats and didn’t wash well is a good example. I saved $20 on the paint, spent an extra 5 hours painting and needed to repaint shortly thereafter as it came off on the sponge. That was a very expensive $20!

Similarly, if you want a quality industrial adhesive that has been stored properly and is within its shelf life, eBay may not be your best resource. It is best to check if the seller is an authorized adhesive distributor. If they are not authorized, they purchased it from another distributor that was authorized. So you’ve just added a middle man. In many cases, the reseller adds significant value to you. For example, they may do VMI or support you in other ways. But keep in mind that the product’s shelf life begins when it leaves the manufacturer – not the distributor or the reseller. If you prefer to purchase from a reseller, check that they have proper storage conditions and are aware of shelf life. Ask for a certificate of compliance that states the shelf life and expiry date.

For information on buying adhesives from authorized Permabond distributors in your area please contact Permabond.

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