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UV7141 adhesive forms clear, high strength, moisture resistant bonds

Dual Cure UV7141Permabond Dual Cure UV7141 adhesive offers clear, high-strength bonds with excellent moisture and humidity resistance.

Permabond UV7141 is a dual cure UV/anaerobic adhesive – it can be cured in seconds with a UV light but will also cure in shadow areas like an anaerobic adhesive (so the absence of oxygen and presence of a metallic surface). It combines the benefits of both adhesives – a clear, non-yellowing, aesthetically pleasing appearance often associated with UV adhesives, with the strength and environmental resistance akin to high-strength, acrylic-based, anaerobic products. 

In practical terms, you can bond clear glass components (just like a regular UV adhesive), but the bond will have better environmental resistance – withstanding higher temperatures, humidity, and moisture.  UV7141 will bond glass to metal (again like a regular UV adhesive), but you can also bond mirrored glass to metal – unlike a normal UV adhesive, which relies on full exposure to the UV light source. An application where this adhesive succeeds where many others fail is the bonding of metal hinges to mirrored doors (such as for bathroom cabinets). Its high strength and durability, coupled with the ability for the hinge to be held in place almost instantly, makes it a great product for high-speed production lines for high-quality fixtures and furnishings. 

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