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Multi-purpose, high strength adhesive in NEW reduced waste packaging

Crushed Collapsible Comparison7619LinkdIN 1104pxX736Combine the convenience and reliability of a multi-purpose, high strength structural adhesive AND go greener at the same time with Permabond’s reduced waste packaging!

Permabond is responding to customers’ demands to reduce packaging waste by launching our popular, multi-purpose, structural adhesive ET5364 in new collapsible cartridges, which can reduce packaging waste by up to 85%, and help companies achieve their environmental objectives.

Permabond ET5364 is a 1:1 mix ratio, room temperature curing epoxy, ideally suited to bonding materials as diverse as composites, plastics, wood, metals, concrete and ceramics amongst many others.

The toughened characteristic of this adhesive means that it performs very well under impact stresses and provides excellent resistance to harsh environmental conditions. In its new reduced waste packaging, this popular and versatile adhesive, supplied in collapsible cartridges, is slipped into a reusable, rigid outer sleeve, and dispensed easily through a mixing nozzle. It has a long nozzle life offering the advantage of time to apply the adhesive and assemble parts before curing. Once applied, the cure time can be accelerated by heating the assembled components.

Currently available in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia.

Pack size: 5 x 600ml. Shelf life 12 months 5-25°C. Guns, retaining sleeve and nozzles also available from Permabond.

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