No odor adhesives for low surface energy plastics including polyolefins

Rebecca Wilmot
Adhesive Types, Structural Acrylic Adhesives
December 15, 2020

PERMABOND® is delighted to announce the launch of Permabond TA4630 and TA4631, no odor polyolefin adhesives for low surface energy plastics, specially developed for difficult to bond plastics such as polypropylenepolyethylene, and PTFE, without surface pre-treatment. They can even bond acetal (POM)!

Key features of these polyolefin adhesives include:
  • NO ODOUR!!! = No residual smell on bonded components*
  • Improved operator comfort
  • Suitable for bonding dissimilar materials, including metals, composites, and even difficult to bond plastics such as PP/PE, PTFE, and even acetal/POM
  • TA4630 is black and contains spacer beads
  • TA4631 is translucent white and does not contain spacer beads (so suitable for smaller gaps and tighter fitting parts)
  • It can be used for bonding e-coated metals
  • Rapid cure at room temperature
  • No need to flame or plasma treat plastic parts before bonding!
  • Both products are 1:1 mix ratio and conveniently supplied in dual cartridges
  • TA4631 is also available in 25ml dual syringes. No need for a dispensing gun.
These polyolefin adhesives have no perceptible odor, so, consequently, they are ideal in applications such as automotive interior trim where the residual smell is undesirable. They also perform well on dissimilar materials such as plastics and recycled plastic components, PTFE, acetal or polyimide parts to carbon fiber, rubber, stainless steel, and other metals.
Available in:
10 x 50ml cartridges
6 x 400ml cartridges
Bulk packaging on request
TA4631 is also available in 15 x 25ml dual syringes
*No perceptible odor was detected by members of the testing panel


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