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Innovations in adhesives for sporting and leisure equipment

Adhesives for Sporting and Leisure Equipment

After noticing a wide spread use of carbon fiber in sporting goods applications I read an article on new materials in sporting equipment manufacturing it was clear that the innovations in sporting goods are not limited to carbon fiber – but a vast array of new materials are being used.  Strength and weight reduction are key drivers in most sports and leisure equipment applications.

Permabond adhesives and sealants are used to bond the growing variety of materials used in manufacturing sporting goods.  Bonding these new materials and eliminating mechanical fasteners allows even greater strength, and weight reduction.

In addition to weight reduction and increased strength, other key reasons to select adhesive bonding over mechanical fasteners include, reduced costs, increased stress distribution, improved manufacturing process, increased vibration resistance, corrosion prevention, the ability to design with a wider choice of substrate materials.

Adhesives are used throughout the sporting goods industry.  Generally equipment made for professional athletes have the latest in technology.  However, the materials technology and adhesive technology is advancing so quickly that sporting equipment for weekend warriors far exceeds what was current just a few years ago.

The substrates we are being asked to bond in sporting goods are the same materials that we are asked to bond in aerospace and automotive markets applications.  The Olympic motto, Citius – Altius – Fortius (Faster – Higher – Stronger) applies aptly to the development of adhesives for sporting and leisure equipment.  Adhesives allow sporting goods manufacturers to produce FASTER with HIGHER profits a STRONGER product!

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