Food Grade Epoxies for Filter Bonding Applications

Rebecca Wilmot
Food Safe, Industry Applications
March 8, 2022

Permabond’s food grade epoxy adhesives are proving extremely popular in the filter industry. Permabond has seen a big increase in the number of customers trialling and approving its FDA-food compliant adhesive, ET5147 and its EU 10/2011 formulated ET5162 epoxy. Many customers are asking Permabond for help as they urgently seek food grade epoxy to keep their production lines operational.

This is where Permabond can help! With factories in both the UK and Europe that are able to produce and ship epoxy materials quickly and reliably.

Food grade epoxies FDA & EU 10/2011 Compliant Adhesive for Food Contact Applications
FDA & EU 10/2011 Compliant Adhesive

What food grade epoxies are available?

Permabond ET5143, ET5145 and ET5147 are all two-component, room-temperature curing epoxies comprising resin and hardener, which cure when mixed together.

What food approvals do these epoxies have?

Permabond’s ET514X grades are formulated exclusively with materials on the FDA approved materials list and a declaration letter can be provided to customers. ET5162 also complies with EU 10/2011 formulation requirements, using approved raw materials with migration calculations. Permabond also has ET5365 two-part epoxy, which is approved for contact with drinking water.

What sort of filter applications use epoxy adhesives?

Mesh screens stretched across a frame and bonded in place with adhesive around the edge – ideal for industrial sieving. These epoxies have good adhesion to stainless steel, particularly ET5162. If cured with heat, extra cross-linking can be achieved to give an even stronger bond.  Other applications include potting pleated filter media into end caps. Permabond can offer low viscosity, low exotherm adhesives (if necessary, with food compliant formulations).

What temperatures and chemicals can these filter adhesives withstand?

Most two-part epoxies have an upper temperature limit of 80 deg C, but ET5147 and ET5162 can withstand up to 120 deg C. . Avoid chemicals such as strong acids and alkalis.   A combination of high temperature and an aggressive chemical can significantly weaken the adhesive.

What packaging is available?

Permabond can supply material in easy to dispense cartridges (with static mixing nozzles). These are available in 50ml and 400ml sizes and fit in hand help dispensing guns (either manually ratcheted or with pneumatic).  Bulk material is also available in 5kg, 20kg, 200kg and for use with follower plates on automatic dispensing equipment.

How do I order a sample?

If you’re in the UK, Europe or Asia, please contact or if you’re in the Americas, please contact

Permabond’s engineers and development chemists are on hand to help recommend and develop special filter bonding adhesives. Contact our team today for help and assistance. Permabond is currently exhibiting at the Filtech Exhibition in Cologne, Germany (8-10th March 2022) – feel free to pop by our stand and discuss your application with our team! We hope to be able to provide you with a great solution, to help you achieve your production and product performance objectives.

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