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Cyanoacrylate, Sticky Stuff

CYANOACRYLATE or is it spelled, cyanacrylate, cyanocrilate, cyano acrylate, or cyana ocrylate

As Mark Twain is attributed to saying “…that he must have little genius who can’t spell a word in more than one way.”  Permabond manufactures cyanoacrylates and as a cyanoacrylate adhesive supplier, over the years I have had the pleasure of speaking with many creative spellers.  Although the dictionary demands the proper spelling is cyanoacrylate, as it happens – I don’t even notice the spelling anymore.  Point is, if it is close enough, we know what you need.  From cyanacrylate to cyanocrilate and cyanocrylate two word versions such as cyano acrylate and cyana ocrylate

I’m sure over the years I’ve even seen a three word version.  So if you are writing, never fear we’ve seen it all –  and we won’t correct your spelling – we’ll simply applaud your creative genius and get you the product you need.

CYANOACRYLATE or is it pronounced, cyanacrylate, cyanocrilate, cyano acrylate, or cyana ocrylate.

As much trepidation as there is about spelling cyanoacrylate – there is ten-fold for saying the word even when you know the pronunciation, it tends to trip you up.  One caller tried all of the above pronunciations and then, in complete frustration, said – “I am calling about the sticky stuff you sent me.”  A brilliant man with a great sense of humour!

But if you prefer to conform it is pronounced (sahy-uh-noh-ak-ruh-leyt) however at Permabond we welcome your own version of the word.

Cyanoacrylate, cyanacrylate, cyanocrilate, cyanoacrylate, cyano acrylate, or cyana ocrylate… as far as we’re concerned – it is a tongue twister – truth be told, in the industry we rarely say the word – we shorten it a say the letter C and the letter A (pronounced See A).